Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Title: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
Release year: 2012
Developer: Valve Software®, Hidden Path Entertainment
Publisher: Valve Corporation ™
Release from: Counter-Strike.Com.Ua
Type of publication: RePack (Steam-Rip)
Interface language: Russian, English
Language of voice: Russian, English
Game mode: Multiplayer (Internet, local area network) / Single (bots)
Type: No Steam (No activation required)

Game description: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has revived that hurricane team gameplay, first introduced 16 years ago. CS: GO includes new maps, characters, weapons and their improved versions from the classic CS (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO contains new game modes, match management system, global player tables and much more. "Counter-Strike was a surprise for the gaming industry, when not a particularly successful mod became one of the most popular shooters in the world immediately after its release in August 1999," says Doug Lombardi of Valve, "over the past 12 years, she's still one Of the most popular games in the world, often appears on the gaming competitions and is sold in quantities of more than 25 million copies worldwide. CS: GO revived the famous gameplay Counter-Strike and offered it to players not only on PCs, but also on consoles of the next generation and Mac computers. " CS: GO is developed by Valve in collaboration with Hidden Path Entertainment.

Game version:
Updates automatically when updates are released.

Description of the assembly:
- Unlocked all weapons;
- Auto-update the game to the latest version;
- Crystal clear assembly, based on the latest official content of Steam;
- Nothing is added, nothing is deleted;
- Full original content of textures and models;
- CSGO pirate (all items / things in inventory are open);
- Very fast update due to the maximum compression of files.

How to install:
- Turn off Steam;
- Unpack the files in one folder;
- Launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive.exe and install the game;

How to update the game:
- Turn off Steam;
- Launch the Counter-Strike Global Offensive label on the desktop and wait for the system files to be updated;
- Press the "Start" button, if the system detects a new update, your game will be updated via a special settings program. If there are no updates, then the game will start

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